REYNET has noted with dismay the media comments Between Bayelsa State and Rivers State Government over Soku oil wells and is poised to ensue peace between the two states, as over heating the polity with due respect to both states could pollute the right atmosphere for constructive dialogue and brotherly reconciliation which should be promoted by all concerned for the amicable resolution of the said dispute with diplomacy.

Diplomacy:- In an informal or social sense, diplomacy is the employment of tact to find mutually acceptable solutions to a common challenge,one set of tools being the phrasing of statements in a non-confrontational, or polite manner.  Diplomacy is the main vehicle by which small states are able to ensure that their goals are addressed at the local or global arena.

In modern times, certain intractable conflict situations may first be brought to a cease-fire and are then dealt with via a peace process where a number of discrete steps are taken on each side to eventually reach the mutually desired goal of peace.

The leadership of Reynet  is calling on both sides to settle issues amicably without destroying the bond that has firmly held both states together from inception as only in peace and unity can any state or country develop rapidly.

By Blessing oyanimigha


With the ban, most of them have left the State to other States to continue their havoc. This in no small way has helped to reduce the number of people coming into some cities in the State. Apart from the rate of accidents associated with it, about 50 per cent of okada riders are criminals. They use it to monitor the movement of people especially around bank premises. Many people have lost huge sums of money to these okada monitors.

What they do is to monitor those cashing money from the banks and trace them to wherever they are going. If their victim is unfortunate to leave the money in the booth, they use their master key to open the booth and cart away the money.
Again, if the man takes the money to his house, they would arrange to come at night to rob him. In such instances, they would order the man to bring the money he brought from the bank.

Investigation and experience has shown that it is easier to rob and escape with a motorcycle than with a vehicle. Most of the bank robberies in Onitsha are carried out by robbers on okada.
If the determination of the State Government to fight crime in its entire ramification is anything to go by, then the ban on okada Bayelsa State is in the right direction.

In life, change attracts both positive and negative reactions from people. The most important thing is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and find out which one has better advancement. Some people cannot trek half a kilometre,Okada is the answer. To this group, the ban on okada is bad. Trekking, they say is part of exercise, so this group should see it as an advantage as they can now exercise their body and shade off some calories and damaging cholesterol.

Again, in our society today time plays an important role in our everyday life. Some of the problems associated with okada are also caused by the passengers themselves. Most people do not prepare for occasions on time, they leave when it is five minutes or two minutes to the time. When they board okada, their main order is that they are late and that the okada man should hurry up. If the okada operator is one that has no sense, he blows the last speedometer to satisfy his passenger.

With the ban on okada, this group of individuals can adjust, prepare 30 minutes to an occasion, wait patiently for a taxi cab and go to the ceremony. This is what happens in a civilised society where people are properly cultured.

The ban on okada has come to stay and it is for the good of all. Okada operators should take the decision as a good one meant to sanitize the system.

Blessing Oyanimigha


As part of efforts to re-engineer the state economy and put it on the path of growth, the Bayelsa State Government has sent the State Compulsory Savings Bill 2012 to the State House of Assembly. Governor Seriake Dickson disclosed this while speaking during the maiden edition of the monthly press conference in Government House, Yenagoa. 

The Compulsory Savings Bill seeks to compel the executive arm of the state government to save a specified sum of money from its statutory allocation every month, in a bid to stabilize the local economy while the Transparency Bill will make it compulsory for the executive arm of government, as well as the local government chairmen to make public all monies accruable to them monthly.

In pursuant to its restoration agenda, the government has opened two special accounts, namely the Bayelsa State Strategic Development Project Account and the Bayelsa State Strategic Reserve and Savings Account domiciled in two separate banks in Yenagoa. 

According to the Governor, the first account will be dedicated to funding strategic investment in the areas of infrastructural development, agriculture, tourism, education, health and security while the Bayelsa State Strategic and Savings Account is to accommodate the special compulsory monthly savings.

Governor Dickson disclosed that the Bayelsa State Compulsory Savings Bill 2012 will ensure that funds in the accounts can only be accessed by a two-third approval of the State House of Assembly. As part of the transparency initiative, the Governor also said a proposed State Reserve Funds Management Council, comprising person’s of proven integrity, will be constituted to advise government on the utilization of the funds.

Governor Dickson, who lamented the huge debt profile he inherited, said he has set up a committee to ascertain the level of indebtedness of the state, which will be made public as soon as the committee submits its report. He said the Financial Management Review Committee, set up by government, was taking a holistic look at the issue with a view to making recommendations to government. 

On the need to boost the internally-generated revenue base of the state, the Governor pointed out that security was paramount to attracting investments, adding that the present administration was doing everything to ensure that the state remains peaceful.

                                      THANKS-GIVING POLICY IN BAYELSA STATE

Prayers to God to sustain and prevail peace and tranquility in the state as well as provide the much needed resources to enable government complete  project in record time is key. The decision of this administration’s desire to appreciate and dedicate the state to God for his manifold blessings is a welcome development.

Forming the habit of thanking and appreciating the goodness of God at all times for His kindness and mercies is a habit every one must adopt. It was for this purpose that the State Thanksgiving Day Law was enacted with the 2nd of November every year set aside specially as Thanksgiving Day, pointing out that, it was not by accident that all good things started from Bayelsa, including the first oil well to produce in commercial quantity and the first President of the country from a minority stock, among others.

During electioneering in Bayelsa State, we put God first in everything that we did and we were able to record a political feat that is unprecedented in the history of our dear state” Governor Dickson remarked in a speech. In spite of the threat and the reign of terror then, no life was lost while God has given us victory over all the litigations instituted against the restoration agenda.

Quoting copiously from the gospel according to Saint Luke and the Book of Psalm, the Cleric stressed the need for thanksgiving, adding that the state had in the past gone through turbulence, notably the recent flood that left in its trail the destruction of property worth millions of naira and the recent Supreme court verdict that upheld the victory of Governor Seriake Dickson election.

In all things, we should all give thanks to God for keeping and making Bayelsa State, the safest in Nigeria Today.

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