Friday, 30 November 2012

World Aids Day Marked in Bayelsa State Government House- REYNET.

  DG Reynet (Center) Flanked by Directors and Co-coordinators of (REYNET) Organization.

  Left- DG-Comrade Asari Kerry and Life Patron/ Founder of REYNET- Barrister Moses Dickson-Right, chatting at the World Aids Days Commemoration Football Match, today 30th November,2012 @ Bayelsa State Government House.

  Governor Seriake Dickson commends (REYNET) DG for Job well Done.

  Governor Seriake Dickson addresses (REYNET) DG, Directors and Members before match for World Aids Day in Government House.

  Group Photo of Governor Seriake Dickson-center, DG,DDG,Directors and Coordinators of REYNET Organization,flanked by footballers made up of, AITs Ovietimi George,Government house Press crew and invited guest @ Government House Yenagoa.

The Leadership of (REYNET) is using this medium to thank all members of the Organization, who despite their busy schedules, took time out to attend the World Aids Day Commemoration Football match, held today 30th November,2012 at Bayelsa State Government House, God Bless you all.

Restoration is Assured

Signed:- P.J Fawei (DDG REYNET)

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


     Comrade Asari Timipere Kerry

Thursday, 22 November 2012

REYNET Visits the Hon Commissioner for Local Government & Community Development, Hon. Deacon James DugoG.

  The leadership of REYNET paid a courtesy visit to the honorable Commissioner of Local Government & Community Development, Hon. Deacon James G. Dugo in his office.

 Group Photograph of Comm for Local Govt andCommunity Development-center left,DG Reynet, Directors and Coordinators of the Organization, Flankedby the Women wing of Retnet.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Reynet Condoles Mr President on the loss of his Brother.

Mr Meni Jonathan

The younger brother of Nigeria's President, Mr Meni Jonathan who happens to be the president’s half brother died at Aso Rock clinic. The incident happened just as President Jonathan was receiving congratulatory messages today from all over the world as he celebrates yet another birthday.

Mr Meni Jonathan was taken to Aso Rock clinic when his health condition deteriorated in Bayelsa. Just as many thought that he was going to survive it, the cold hands of death got the upper hand. The cause of death is not yet known.
The management and entire members of REYNET Condoles with our father and President Dr. Goodluck on the demise of his younger brother, and pray God almighty grants him the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss.
Rest in peace, Sir Meni Jonathan.

Reynet Felicitates with President Goodluck Jonathan on his Birthday.





Saturday, 17 November 2012


The job of youth development professionals is to provide opportunities for young people to develop the competencies they need to become successful contributing members of their communities (Pittman & Wright, 1991). Empowerment can be one of the most effective strategies for providing young people with opportunities to develop competence.

Over the past decade "empowerment" has become the buzzword in business, evaluation and youth development. Because of its wide use, the word "empowerment" has many different meanings to people.
According to Webster (1998.  Empower means (1) "to give official authority or legal power to; (2) enable; (3) to promote the self actualization or influence."

The strategy proscribed by the first definition can be quite effective provided that the party being empowered (that is, the "empoweree") already has the competencies needed to achieve the desired outcome. The strategy does not work well when it is plugged into a framework of youth development in which empowerment itself is being used as a strategy for developing competencies in youth. For youth development, the third definition is more suitable.

Too often youth workers assume that "empowering" is a synonym for relinquishing all guidance, control, and responsibility for a project to the young people with whom they work. Typically, this approach is met with failure on the part of the youth, frustration on the part of the youth development professional, and more evidence that the notion of "empowerment" is a concept that looks good on paper but does not work in the real world of youth work.

"Empowering teens" refers to a Process through which adults begin to share responsibility and power with young people. It is the same idea as teaching young people the rules of the game. Youth development professionals such as (REYNET), is helping young people develop non-academic competencies that will help them to participate in the game of life. Because it is a process, empowerment is something that is achieved over time, not overnight.

Empowering teens is important because empowerment leads to competence and competence is linked to self-esteem. Additionally, teens with increased competence grow to become great resource for Reynet, because they will assume increasing responsibility within the day to day activities and in running the overall program. In a study conducted by DiBenedetto (1992), teens identified nine factors influencing their feelings of empowerment:
  1. Non-authoritarian adult leadership.
  2. Being able to experience and exercise power.
  3. Receiving education and training.
  4. Participating in critical analysis of issues.
  5. Experiencing an environment of safety, closeness and appreciation.
  6. Being able to honestly express opinions and emotions.
  7. Accepting diversity.
  8. Developing a voice.
  9. Being able to take action.
The Process of Empowerment

How can youths in Reynet programs be empowered? According to Blanchard, Carlos, & Randolph (1996), there are three major keys:
  1. Share information. Sharing information with young people about all the aspects of the program, from budgets to organizational policies, is the first step to fostering empowerment. Such sharing ensures that teens clearly understand the parameters within which the program has to operate. It also conveys a message of trust. Withholding information sends the message that adults do not think teens can understand or that they will not act responsibly with the information they receive. Sharing information encourages teens to act like "owners" or shareholders of the program.

    If sharing information is difficult, the youth trainer may want to examine his or her assumptions about teens. Are youths viewed as being able to make useful contributions? Do adults always know what is best for youths? Several authors have developed useful self-assessment surveys (e.g., Carter & Betts, 1996; Lofquist, 1989)
  2. Create autonomy through boundaries. Community highlight:. Many people assume that empowering means giving teens carte blanche to set up whatever, however they want. Actually, it means just the opposite. Creating autonomy through boundaries means teaching youths the rules or boundaries within which they can operate (such as budgets, policies). Each event, activity, or program must operate within certain parameters, be they financial or policy requirements.
    Youth based bodies must outline those outer limits to youths. Blanchard, Carlos, and Randolph (1996) suggest thinking of the limits as the banks of a river. The banks are what give the river its direction and momentum. Without the banks there would be no movement. The riverbed itself may be several miles wide, but the banks still exist.
    Empowerment also means teaching young people specific "plays" within the game. People have to learn new ways of thinking and working. It does not come automatically. Let's take the fashion review as an example. In setting up a fashion review, teens need to know all the steps involved, that is the "plays" of the game. These could include finding a location, how much can be spent on rent, negotiating and signing a contract, charging admission, selling tickets, contracting for lighting, getting stores to donate clothes, getting teens to model, selecting music, insurance/liability issues, snacks, and so forth. Often teens do not follow through because they don't know what to do.
  3. Examine the role of the youth development professional. When the actual steps in the empowerment process are reviewed, the role of a youth development professional begins to sound much like that of a facilitator, a very different role for many people. Adults frequently get caught up in making every decision for young people and feeling responsible for making sure every event turns out "picture perfect." The role of youth development body  is to help young people develop competencies and feel empowered. Remember that empowerment, like development, is a process.
Adopting an Empowerment Approach

            Incorporating empowerment into program planning includes the following steps:
  1. Meeting with interested youths:- Get some indication of how many young people are interested in the project or program. If few youths show up, it indicate that the topic is not one of interest to them. If this is the case, it is unlikely the project would provide opportunities for competency development. If youths are excited about the project, proceed.
  2. Showing youths the budget and policies within which they have to work:- Just as there are laws in our community, there are rules within which organizations must operate. These are the "rules of the game." For organizations, these rules are typically embodied in policies, mission statements, and budgetary constraints. It is critical that young people understand the rules because they dictate the outer limits of what can be accomplished. Too often, adults make the mistake of asking young people what they want to do without first delineating the outer boundaries of what can be done. Rather than limiting creativity, such an approach limits the frustration young people feel when their ideas are met with an immediate "we can't do that" response from adults.
  3. Facilitating a brainstorming session about all the issues that need to be considered to make the event a reality:- This step involves delineating the "plays" in the game. Ask youths to list all the things that have to be done before the program or project can happen. Give them an opportunity to list all their ideas first, then bring up issues or tasks they might not have thought about. Keep in mind that the goal of this process is to teach youths, how to achieve what they thought impossible before. They need to learn the process of what goes into making any event happen. Instead of telling them what they need to do, ask questions.
  4. Facilitating a task outlining session and prioritization of tasks in a timeline. Revisit the list generated in the previous step. Conduct another "mini" brainstorming session around how to complete each task.
  5. Figuring out who wants to take responsibility for each task:- Once tasks have been outlined and the timeline is in place, ask participants to volunteer to take responsibility for specific steps. This is the step in which youths become "hands-on" involved in the process. This becomes their responsibility to the team.
  6. Setting up several interim meetings to check on progress prior to the actual event. Steps six and seven are the most critical in the process. It is imperative that the youth development bodies provides support and guidance for young people as they attempt to fulfill their tasks. Many times young people are afraid or embarrassed to admit in front of their peers that they do not know how to do something. The youth development bodies need to check in with each young person to see how they are doing. Give them some lead time--don't wait until the day their task is "due."
  7. Being available to offer guidance and support:- The youth development professional body is the coach who needs to be available to support the young people. Role play with them so they can practice their communication skills. Remember, do not do the job for them, but support them in their doing for themselves.
  8. Revisiting the process upon completion. Once the program or project is completed, get back together with the group to celebrate success and to examine what the group learned as well as what they would change for the next time around. As part of a true experiential learning process, it is important to help youths recognize the skills they gained during the process and how those skills can be applied to other situations.

Stay focused on empowerment as a process. There may be some programs and events that are required to be "perfect." Youth development bodies may be surprised, however, to find that when the supervisor, county board, parents, and community members are educated about the empowerment process, they'll be incredibly supportive. They'll begin to see the youth development body's role as that of a youth developer rather than as an event coordinator. More importantly, young people are provided opportunities to develop the competencies they need to become successful adults in their endeavors.

Blessing Oyanimigha for (REYNET)

Reynet urge bayelsans to emulate the saving culture of Bayelsa Government.

                   Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State 

Bayelsans should strive to emulate the State government in its saving policy, which has today translated to accountability and transparency in governance. As such, we should endeavor to be upright and disciplined in our personal journey as, a stitch in time saves nine they say.

DSP Alamieyeseigha turns 60.

                                                  Chief Alamieyeseigha (JP)
The entire Reynet Team felicitates with the first Executive Governor of Bayelsa State, Chief DSP ALAMIEYESEIGHA Phd (JP), on his 60th birth day celebration. We wish u many more happy returns and  pray for God's Protection over your life now and always in Jesus name. 
Signed:- Media Team.

"No Fewer Than 21,000 Youths Will Benefit From Various Skills Acquistion Programmes - Hon Timi Kaiza Ogoriba.

S A Youths, Bayelsa State Government.( Hon Timi Kaiza Ogoriba)

Special Adviser to the Bayelsa State Governor on Youths, Hon. Timi Kaiza Ogoriba says no fewer than 21,000 youths will benefit from various skills acquisition programmes slated to commence soon. He said the programme which is tagged “Youth Summit” is aimed at giving the Bayelsa youths a new mind-set and orientation that would make them independent and self-reliant in society.

Receiving members of the Restoration Youth Network (REYNET), who paid him a visit in his office in Yenagoa, Ogoriba restated the present administration’s determination to inculcate ideologies that would leave positive legacies in the lives of Bayelsa Youths. According to him “gone are the days when able-bodied youths walk the streets and offices begging. We are giving them a legacy by way of training to make them self-employed and also become employers of labour.

“We want to teach them how to fish and not just giving them fish to eat,” he said. The Special Adviser stated that he has followed the activities of REYNET closely and believes that it has the interest of Bayelsans at heart, and desirous of bringing about positive change in the State. “Youths are the fiery bracket of society because the whole energy revolves around them, hence we must all work together to ensure the success of this government,” he stressed.

Ogoriba further stated that the task of developing the State remains a Herculean one which should not be left for government alone, He called on Bayelsans to contribute their quota to bring about desired change and advancement in the polity.

The founder of Reynet foresighted and really want this government to succeed, hence we must continue to have such regular meetings and work as agents of change in society,” he noted. He also commended Reynets prompt response to flood victims through its medical outreach to various communities. In his remarks, Director General of Reynet, Comrade Asari Timipere Kerry said, his organization has come to restore the lost hope of Bayelsa youths by giving them a new orientation to chart the course of self-determination and employment.

He expressed the organization’s preparedness to partner with government in its determination to succeed with the restoration agenda, especially in the area of youth’s development. Asari said: “our aim is to ensure that the culture of begging is completely wiped out from the mindset of youths in the State”.  He also Reinstated Reynets Commitment to furthering the advancement of restoration in the State.

Reynet act as an Umbrella body.

 From left to right (Invited NGO Reps,DG and DDG Reynet center)

Restoration Youth Network (REYNET) is an Umbrella body which  harmonizes & co-ordinates all Youth groups in the State, in line with the Restoration Agenda of Governor Henry Seriake Dickson.

Reynet Director General and Director for NGO's heavily represented by the Deputy Director General meets  with  NGO's  Registered with REYNET. In his speech, the Deputy Director General saidRestoration Youth Network (REYNET) is a Non Governmental Organization that is poised to develop the Youths of Bayelsa State, in collaborateing with all available & meaningful agencies of Youth development to restore the lost Glory of Bayelsa Youths and beyond.
 The DDG also added that, Reynet  can only achieve thus much, if all hands are on deck. He therefore called on all (NGO's) to be steadfast in their drive to ensure the development of Bayelsa Youths. The representative of Concern Youths of Bayelsa State, Comrade Brodrick B. Mac, on behalf of all other NGO's commended Reynet for her efforts during the flood and its unrivaled efforts in ensuring the administering of drugs to the sick during those trying times.   
He also thanked the leadership of Reynet for keying into the developmental agenda of the present Government. In his conclusion, he said all NGO's should partner with (REYNET) to achieve the desired goals for youths.
Reynet wishes to use this medium to appreciate and thank all groups for their enormous contribution through  campaigns. Reynet looks forward to more positive collaboration in the future, as we chart the part of greatness for youths of this generation and yet to come.
Underlisted are the names of groups present at the meeting:-

                                                                                                          Director for NGO (REYNET)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Reynet Mourns with one of their Own.

Reynet DG flanked by the Deputy DG and other members of the organization on a condolence visit to the co-coordinator of Southern Ijaw LGA on the loss of a family member.

Mr. Animieyefa John commends Reynet team for visiting him on the demise of his cousin.   
Left to right ( PRO, DDG and DG of Reynet) 
REYNET paid a condolence visit to one of their own, Mr. Animieyefa John, Co-ordinator of Southern Ijaw LGA, over the death of his cousin, Mr. Kelvin Abraham.

Photo of Reynet Directors at the office of SA Secondary Education to Bayelsa State Government.

Director of Media (Miss peace Sinclair)taking notes, while other Reynet directors listen on.

SA Secondary Education to Bayelsa State Government, (Hon Markmanuel Parkinson)
speaking to Reynet Team in his Office, when he was paid a courtesy call.


Reynet visits S.A Secondary Education,Bayelsa State Government.

from left to right( Reynet Directors, DG Centered, Centered Right-SA Secondary Education, DDG Right Centered, Director of Women Mobilization and Director of Media Extreme Right).

A courtesy call was paid to S.A on Secondary Education, Bayelsa State Government(Honorable Macmanuel Parkinson) by the DG of Reynet and its Directors. The Restoration Youth Network team paid the call in order to form a Synergy  between the SAs office and the Youth Organization, to promote equity and transparency in the education of  bayelsa youths. 

The SA said, partnering with a respected Organization such as Reynet is a welcome development and timely as well. He said the youths of this generation must begin to see themselves as leaders of tomorrow and must strive to imbibe discipline and respect as part of their heritage as African youths. Hon Macmanuel also poured encomiums on Governor Henry Seriake Dicksons determination to Restore the lost values of the Ijaw man which are, Truth, Honesty and Hard work.  

He further called on Youths in the State to key into the Restoration agenda of  Governor Dickson and urged youths to take advantage of the training & scholarship scheme aimed at adding value to their lives through empowerment. Hon Parkinson said, Reynet  team must continue to set good examples as ambassadors of youths in the State.

Monday, 12 November 2012

REYNET Central Working Committee (Board of Directors & LGA Co-ordinators) meet.

Rising from a meeting of REYNET Central Working Committee (Board of Director & LGA Co-ordinators) on the 10th of November, 2012 certain decisions were reached:-

Ahead of the yuletide celebrations four committees was formed to ensure a successful programme.
The committees are as follow:-
1. Restoration Sports Committee:-
This committee is to organize wrestling & football competition.
Its members are:-

b. GABRIEL ATOTU:-Secretary

2. Restoration Interactive Forum Committee:-
This committee is in charge of organizing Youth empowerment programmes.
The committee Comprises of:-


3. Restoration Publicity Committee: They are to carry out massive enlightenment and information on the xmas activities. Its members are:-

4. Restoration Comedy Night Committee:-
They are to organize a laughter night for Bayelsa Youths and  members include:-

b. ANIMIYEFA JOHN:-Secretary

Reynet also deliberated on the forth coming National Youth Council (NYC) election where two members are aspiring for the position of National Deputy President. The candidates are to appear before the house next week.

Food for thought by Reynet.

(Reynet directors at a meeting)
Any self-improvement program or journey of personal development starts with your thoughts. Master your thoughts first. Then you can master your environment and circumstances."
"Dreamers chart their own course and destiny. Dreamers always strive to be the person they were meant to be and are not afraid to be different." Actually, it might seem hard at first, but never give up on your dreams no matter what. Remember, a good name is worth more than gold. Have a Blessed week everyone.


Can we please let the Neo-Stakes Cabal Purge begin! We must go after all those who have created seeming bitterness in NUBSS.

Let’s make the stakeholders realize it will never get our support again, till they forgo their self assumed stakes and support logically elegant principles of accountability, good governance, self reliance and peace!
The stakeholders’ cabal will play and toy with the students as though they are nothing, but the fact is that it is the students who are something and indeed everything-while those who seem to have the power are nothing.

We have already been deceived by the stakeholders’ and to the average person, they have absolutely no idea that anything is going on. Some even believes that we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interest of the students. Surprisingly, the stakeholders’ are a stone throw away from being financially short down and often receives help from people and places they never counted on.

Often, people in High places assist the Cabal without even knowing they have lifted a finger to so do.
But are we to trust them, given their chequered past in this area. Times have changed, however, and the fear they had implanted within us is now over and done with!
The old boys are now on their final lap. No longer can even clutches hold them up. They are falling and they are falling too fast.

The current president is a patriot and a valuable ally to all progressives. He is ready to sacrifice for the repositioning of the integrity and dignity of the Bayelsa state students. So, we must all join hands with him in repositioning the psyche of our students. We must support him to bring the neo-stakes cabal in NUBSS down.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Reynet Board of Directors meets to Strategize on the way forward.

(Photo of Reynet DG-centered and Some Directors of the organization brainstorming at Reynet Secretariat)
Notification of Reynet Board of Directors meeting today 9th November,2012, which will be held at Reynet Secretariat by 4pm. The agenda on the itenary  to be discussed will be Policy/Programme formulation, Reynets Organization profile, Interaction forum, football competition at local Government Areas (LGA),wrestling competitions to be initiated at all LGAs within the State, Restoration laughter nite, street carnival day, Work-shops on soap, cream & powder making etc.
Signed:- Secretary General (REYNET).

Reynet in a group photo with SA Youths,Hon Ogoriba.

From left to right in photo ( Reynet directors, DG center, SA Youths centered middle, flanked by Reynet coordinators after courtesy call to the SA Youths.


Photo of Reyent DG and Directors on Familiarization call to SA Youths Bayelsa State Government.
(Front left of photo, DG Reynet- Mr Asari Kerry, Centered-SA Youths-Hon Ogoriba, to the extreme right-Reynet Director Mobilization- Barrister Karlmax, flanked by Reynet Members).
A courtesy call was paid to Hon Timi Kaiza Ogoriba, Special Adviser Youths to Bayelsa State Government,  on the 7th of November, 2012 by the Leadership of Reynet and his Team. The meeting was held at the office of  the SA Youths, as much was discussed on partnership and the way forward. The SA Youths said, any Government that ignores the yearnings of youths, is bound to fail.
He said part of the restoration agenda of Governor Dickson  inculcates the need to partner and promote youth orientated programmes, in order to curb youthful exorbitance and juvenile delinquency among youths. Hon Ogoriba expressed his delight at seeing young and vibrant bayelsans, who decided to take a leap of faith by coming together as one family to project the cause of bayelsa youths in the State and diaspora under Reynet.
Ogoriba said, his good office was ready to partner with Reynet and assured its leadership of maximum cooperation where possible, and total support for its laudable initiative. Responding on behalf of Reynet, Mr Asari Kerry- DG Reynet, thanked the SA Youths for his warm welcome and audience to Reynet and complimented the SA on his good works toward the development of youths in Bayelsa State.
He said Reynet will continue to strive in educating and enlightening the general populace on the need to project and develop youth orientated programmes with assistance from Government and well meaning Nigerians. He reiterated on the need for mentoring and empowerment program-mes specifically targeted at Bayelsa youths, as the need to re-orientate our youths on values and hard-work would be key to sustainable development.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

REYNET sues for diplomacy over Soku oil wells’ dispute.

REYNET has noted with dismay the media comments Between Bayelsa State and Rivers State Government over Soku oil wells and is poised to ensue peace between the two states, as over heating the polity with due respect to both states could pollute the right atmosphere for constructive dialogue and brotherly reconciliation which should be promoted by all concerned for the amicable resolution of the said dispute with diplomacy.

Diplomacy:- In an informal or social sense, diplomacy is the employment of tact to find mutually acceptable solutions to a common challenge,one set of tools being the phrasing of statements in a non-confrontational, or polite manner.  Diplomacy is the main vehicle by which small states are able to ensure that their goals are addressed at the local or global arena.

In modern times, certain intractable conflict situations may first be brought to a cease-fire and are then dealt with via a peace process where a number of discrete steps are taken on each side to eventually reach the mutually desired goal of peace.

The leadership of Reynet  is calling on both sides to settle issues amicably without destroying the bond that has firmly held both states together from inception as only in peace and unity can any state or country develop rapidly.

By Blessing oyanimigha


Sunday, 4 November 2012

Our Beliefs@ REYNET.

Community youth development, or CYD, is a philosophy emphasizing the uniquely symbiotic nature of youth development to community development by situating the two practices in a common framework. CYD combines the natural instincts of young people as they desire to create change in their surrounding environments by developing partnerships between youth-related organizations and community development agencies to create new opportunities for youth to serve their communities while developing their personal abilities.

Youth philanthropy is the donation of time, energy or resources, including money, by children and youths towards philanthropic causes. According to one study, "youth philanthropy is, at the broadest level, youth giving of their time, talents and treasure. It is seen as an effective means in which youth develop knowledge of and participate in philanthropic projects such as volunteering, grant writing and community service.

Evolving capacities is the concept in which education, child development and youth development programs led by adults takes into account the capacities of the child or youth to exercise rights on his or her own behalf. The concept of evolving capacities is employed internationally as a direct alternative to popular concepts of child and youth development.

Restoration is on Course.

In furtherance of the trade and diplomatic relations between Bayelsa State and the Republic of South Africa, the Governor of Bayelsa State His Excellency, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson paid a visit to South Africa about two weeks ago. Though details of the bilateral talks are being work

ed on, there are indications that Bayelsa State might have sealed a couple of investment deals with Johannesburg.
The high point of the visit was the initiation of the BAYELSA STATE INVESTMENT FORUM HELD IN SANDTON, JO’BURG – South Africa. The Bayelsa State Investment Forum would provide a platform for investors from both countries to interact and exchange business ideas verging on both comparative and distinctive advantage of both countries. Such investment opportunities, it is hoped would be mutually beneficial to both countries.

Here, South Africa President Jacob Zuma welcomes Governor Seriake Dickson to the State House in Jo’burg. In international relations, countries and even states within a country have powers to enter into diplomatic and trade relations with other nations.

In an earlier visit, Governor Dickson had initiated bilateral talks with South Africa - and SA reciprocated this diplomatic gesture when the South African First Lady visited Yenagoa sometime late August, 2012. Since Governor Dickson assumed office, Bayelsa State has embarked upon a aggressive diversification of her economy. Against this background, commendable initiatives have been taken to explore investments in Agriculture, Fisheries, manufacturing, industrialization and tourism development.

Verily, Governor Dickson is determined to push Bayelsa State to such a pedestal that the State, in the foreseeable future will not depend on crude oil alone as a source of revenue. Under the restoration administration, value shall be added to the lives of the ordinary people. This is the true definition of Restoration.

REYNET Photos, Governor Henry Seriake Dickson flanked by wife and other dignitaries at the Thanksgiving service in Yenagoa today.

Our Views

We are passionate in our belief that educated, employed, and engaged young people possess the power to solve the world’s toughest problems. Every young person, therefore deserves the opportunity to realize his or her full potential, Recognizing that no one sector of society alone has the resources or expertise to effectively address the myriad challenges facing today’s youth. REYNET will be mobilizing a global community of businesses, governments, and civil society organizations — each committed to developing the power and promise of young people.

RESTORATION YOUTH NETWORT with their medical heading to EKEROMOR LGA to give aid to the Internally Displaced People(IDP).