Monday, 12 November 2012


Can we please let the Neo-Stakes Cabal Purge begin! We must go after all those who have created seeming bitterness in NUBSS.

Let’s make the stakeholders realize it will never get our support again, till they forgo their self assumed stakes and support logically elegant principles of accountability, good governance, self reliance and peace!
The stakeholders’ cabal will play and toy with the students as though they are nothing, but the fact is that it is the students who are something and indeed everything-while those who seem to have the power are nothing.

We have already been deceived by the stakeholders’ and to the average person, they have absolutely no idea that anything is going on. Some even believes that we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interest of the students. Surprisingly, the stakeholders’ are a stone throw away from being financially short down and often receives help from people and places they never counted on.

Often, people in High places assist the Cabal without even knowing they have lifted a finger to so do.
But are we to trust them, given their chequered past in this area. Times have changed, however, and the fear they had implanted within us is now over and done with!
The old boys are now on their final lap. No longer can even clutches hold them up. They are falling and they are falling too fast.

The current president is a patriot and a valuable ally to all progressives. He is ready to sacrifice for the repositioning of the integrity and dignity of the Bayelsa state students. So, we must all join hands with him in repositioning the psyche of our students. We must support him to bring the neo-stakes cabal in NUBSS down.

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