Sunday, 4 November 2012

Restoration is on Course.

In furtherance of the trade and diplomatic relations between Bayelsa State and the Republic of South Africa, the Governor of Bayelsa State His Excellency, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson paid a visit to South Africa about two weeks ago. Though details of the bilateral talks are being work

ed on, there are indications that Bayelsa State might have sealed a couple of investment deals with Johannesburg.
The high point of the visit was the initiation of the BAYELSA STATE INVESTMENT FORUM HELD IN SANDTON, JO’BURG – South Africa. The Bayelsa State Investment Forum would provide a platform for investors from both countries to interact and exchange business ideas verging on both comparative and distinctive advantage of both countries. Such investment opportunities, it is hoped would be mutually beneficial to both countries.

Here, South Africa President Jacob Zuma welcomes Governor Seriake Dickson to the State House in Jo’burg. In international relations, countries and even states within a country have powers to enter into diplomatic and trade relations with other nations.

In an earlier visit, Governor Dickson had initiated bilateral talks with South Africa - and SA reciprocated this diplomatic gesture when the South African First Lady visited Yenagoa sometime late August, 2012. Since Governor Dickson assumed office, Bayelsa State has embarked upon a aggressive diversification of her economy. Against this background, commendable initiatives have been taken to explore investments in Agriculture, Fisheries, manufacturing, industrialization and tourism development.

Verily, Governor Dickson is determined to push Bayelsa State to such a pedestal that the State, in the foreseeable future will not depend on crude oil alone as a source of revenue. Under the restoration administration, value shall be added to the lives of the ordinary people. This is the true definition of Restoration.

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